Winter Solstice HAMC

Winter Solstice Ceremony

As part of our Winter Solstice Ceremony we'll:

- Create a group offering (Despacho) with flowers

- Do a Flower Blessing

- Have live Andean Music by Sisai

The Despacho Ceremony is an Andean gathering where participants have the opportunity to express their gratitude to the spirits of nature. It’s done to honor Mother Earth (Pachamama), Father Sun (Inti) and Apus, the Nature Spirits who take the form of mountains, rivers and lakes.

By expressing our heartfelt love and gratitude, for blessings received, we honor the sacredness of life and also manifest our intention to attract more of the same blessings. Despachos are also performed to request good outcomes for new endeavors (school, new job, business, marriage).

The Andean Group Sisai will be playing throughout the ceremony. Their music will take you on a journey through Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Sisai proudly conveys its unique, indigenous culture through song and use of traditional  instruments including  the quena (reed flute), zamponas (pan flute), rondador, antara,  the bombo, one of the many traditional South American drums. As well as  string instruments include the guitar, violin and mandolin as well as an instrument native to Bolivia, the charango.

Please join us in expressing our gratitude to Nature for all blessings we receive. Please bring 4 flowers to be included in the Despacho Ceremony.

December 21, 2019   7pm to 9pm
Fee: $100

Please RSVP at 630-937-4094 or at