Drum Making 072419

Drum Making Workshop

August 24, 2019   10am to 1pm
Must RSVP and select size and hide for drum.

Please RSVP at 630-937-4094 or at healingartsmetaphysical.com/registration

PowerofBreath Poster

The Power of Breath Introductory Workshop

Discover the power and benefits of proper breathing and what it can do for you and your health. In this workshop you'll discover how turning an unconscious act into a conscious one can change your physiological state, mood, mental and emotional health. We will also learn:

• 2 breathing techniques
• How shallow breaths create stagnant air in lungs
• How to controlling the Autonomous Nervous System through
proper breathing
• Breathing as an introduction to meditation (crawling before
• Your relationship with Grief and Emotions
• The Wim Hof technique to boost & strengthen your immune

To register please call 630-937-4094 or register online at

Date: August 30, 2019
Time: 7pm - 8pm
Fee: $35