Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

A  S h a m a n ' s    P a t h w a y

Shamanic Apprenticeship Series 

Shamanic Apprenticeship Level 1

Introduction to Shamanic Principles in the traditions of North and South America, including journeying in both traditions.  Learn how to use Shamanic tools.

Shamanic Apprenticeship Level 2

Building on the Shamanic Principles learned in level one, students are now taken a layer deeper into the Shamanic Practices of journeying, reading and healing.

Shamanic Apprenticeship Level 3

After having learning about Shamanic Tools and healing techniques in levels 1 & 2, students will learn complimentary techniques for balance and protection:  

- Protection Methods
- Power Bundles
- Releasing Techniques
- Grounding Techniques

​These techniques can be used for healing work on others as well as for self balance and protection.