Unless Price Is Indicated Session Rates Apply

1/2 Hour    $50
1 Hour      $90
1.5 Hours   $130
2 Hours     $150


Shamanic Healing  -  Session Rates

A Shamanic Healing Session starts with prayers that allow Rodrigo to connect with the client's Higher-Self. It's at this moment that messages are received defining the characteristics of the session. Using his hands to guide energy as well as a variety of Shamanic Tools, Rodrigo will remove etheric toxins, emotional blockages and stagnate energy while flooding the client body with healing energy.

Shamanic Distance Healing  -  $130   

If you are unable to come to our location, you can still experience a Shamanic Healing through our Distance Healing session.  For a distance healing session, Rodrigo will talk to you for up to 30 minutes. Based on this discussion, with you, he will determine  the best method to use for healing.  He, will then do the distance healing.  Once the healing work is done, he will contact you again to let you know what was done and if there is anything else you need to do to complement the healing work. This process takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Shamanic Sound Healing  -  $120   

Treat yourself to a blissful sound therapy experience. You are literally bathed with energetic yet soothing sound waves from various instruments (gongs, drums, singing bowls, rattles, etc) that when combined with Rodrigo’s Shamanic Healing provides you with a once in a lifetime experience.

Despacho Ceremony  -  $200

The Despacho Ceremony is an Andean gathering where participants have the opportunity to express their gratitude to the spirits of nature. It’s done to honor Mother Earth (Pachamama), Father Sun (Inti) and Apus, the Nature Spirits who take the form of mountains, rivers and lakes.

By expressing our heartfelt love and gratitude, for blessings received, we honor the sacredness of life and also manifest our intention to attract more of the same blessings. Despachos are performed at the beginning of new cycles to request a good outcome for new endeavors (school, new job, business, marriage) or at the end of cycles (selling a home, changing jobs)

During the Traditional Despacho Ceremony an offering (Despacho) is built using many and varied ingredients. Each ingredient is symbolic of an aspect of our lives and the balance we seek for ourselves and
the world. Some of the common elements include sugar and salt symbolizing the balance that we need in our lives between the sweet/happy and salting/serious moments; rice to symbolize abundance, corn to symbolize fertility, cinnamon to symbolize the spice of life, seeds to symbolize new beginnings – new growth. Other elements can be dried fruit, candy, flowers and many more.

Andean Shamanic Cleansing Ritual  - $160

This ancient ritual comes from a remote area of the Ecuadorian Andes. The ritual is practiced by the "Taiticus" (Shamans) in the mountains of South America to:

  • Clear stagnant energy
  • Clear attachments from your emotional field
  • Reset the emotional and ethereal bodies
  • Remove negative attachments
  • Remove conflictive energy or ill will due to envy or jealousy of others

Varying  elements including herbs, smoke, eggs and shamanic tools, allow us to identify emotional toxins at different frequencies, making it possible to release them.

Earth Medicine Treatment  - $180

In the past when doctors & pharmacies weren’t readily available, we used one of the many natural medicines the Creator blessed us with including Mud to help remove internal fevers and inflammation and Crystals to inject abundant energy the body uses in its healing process.

Group Healing - $85 Per Participant, 6 Participant minimum

A group healing starts with a ritual to create a sacred space for healing. A Gallery style reading is conducted for each person as preparation for their intention setting. After the preparation phase all participants are guided to a meditative state with the help of Sound Therapy. While in the meditative state, everyone is scanned for energy blockages and imbalances. Each participant then receives an energy healing treatment based on their unique situation.

Home Blessing / Cleanse  - Call or email for Quote

A home blessing or cleanse is done to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment, to release energy from past events or people, bring in a sense of peace, prosperity and happiness into your space and to calm and heal unwanted or wounded spirit activity. This can be done for a house, apartment, and place of business or property/land.

Intuitive Reading  -  Session Rate

Intuitive readings are unique & highly individualized. Intuitive readers do not predict the future, but rather read a person’s individual energy. The Intuitive Reader can then inform you on the choices & paths that are available to you & the outcome of each choice. This way you are always in control of the choices you make.  You can ask about any topic or area of your life.

Cord Cutting  (Detachment) Ceremony   -  $150

If your heart has been broken, if you are in a toxic relationship and can’t let go, then you need to cut the cords (low vibrational connections) that hold you attached to that individual.   Once the cords of emotional attachment have been cut, your body & soul will attain a state of freedom, peace & harmony

Soul Re-Integration  -  $160

As we experience severe emotional or physical trauma in our lives, we leave behind pieces of our soul and lose our sense of being whole and well-being.  Through Soul Re-Integration Rodrigo guides you to those traumatic experiences and with his unique technique flushes out the emotional components like pain, suffering and fears that are associated with the trauma. This allows you to recover and reintegrate the pieces of your soul so you can feel whole again