How long are your sessions?

Sessions can be booked from half an hour up to two hours. We recommend an hour session for your first visit.

I can't decide what type of session to chose

Book a session, make sure to define the length of the session. You will have an opportunity to discuss the type of session that is best for you at the time of your session.

What’s your return policy?

You can return or exchange purchased items within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt and ID.

Essential Oils can not be returned once they are opened.

Clothes can not be returned if worn.

Why do I need to register for classes/activities?

Registration ensures the class or workshop will take place. If we don't know you intent to attend a class we may cancel based on the lack of registrations.

Registration ensures we allocate needed space and materials for each participant.

Registrations ensures your participation in a class or activity. While we always welcome walk-ins, if an event is full, only those registered are guaranteed a spot.

Registration is as simple as a phone call, text, email or online registration.

Late and Cancellation Policies

We strive to provide the best attention to all our clients. To be consistent with this, we have Late and Cancellation Policies in place.

Late Policy

As a courtesy, we send text and email to confirm your  appointment wone day prior to your appointment date and one hour prior to your appointment time.  However, if we are unable to reach you please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and a no-show fee.

We understand that sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, depending on circumstances, we may be forced to shorten your service.

Clients who arrive late will be charged in full for their scheduled session but will receive an abbreviated session. For example, if you scheduled an hour session and arrive 15 minutes late, you will be charged for that hour session but will only receive 45 minutes of treatment for that session.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to us. Your appointment time has been set aside just for you and

when it is missed, that time cannot be used for anyone else. If you must cancel or reschedule an

appointment please provide us with at least a 24-hour notice.  We understand that unavoidable issues

come and we will do our best to work with you in case you need to reschedule your appointment.

If you miss an appointment without contacting our office, we reserve the right to charge a missed appointment fee of $50.00.

We appreciate your patronage and compliance with our policies.


Do I need to complete any forms before a session?

Yes, all clients must complete a waiver before there first session. The waiver only needs to be completed once.

Additionally all clients who are having a Massage Therapy session must complete an intake form. The intake form allows us to get a clear health history, view of patients issues, medications, and contraindications.

Both Forms can be downloaded and completed before your session to save time.

Waiver Form

Massage Therapy Intake Form