Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

A  S h a m a n ' s    P a t h w a y

Sacred Geometry Series 

All Ancient cultures around the world have used some form of Sacred Geometry knowledge to build their cities, temples and Sacred spaces.

Learning the basis of Sacred geometry allows you to create mandalas, build crystal grids and altars, create personal sacred spaces and protection fields.

Crystal grids and mandalas can assist us or assist our loved ones in various areas of daily living to:

- Enhance health

- Improve finances

- Reach emotional balance

- Improve relationships, job search, etc.

Sacred Geometry Level 1

​In Level 1 students learn the secret meaning of basic geometric shapes. The geometric shapes when
combined with principles of technical drawing allow students to create personalized Mandalas which are beautiful, useful, and powerful.

Sacred Geometry Level 2

Using the basic concepts of Sacred Geometry, students now learn to create and build grids using various elements including crystals, stones, flowers, etc.

Sacred Geometry Level 3

Building on the experience gained on levels 1 & 2, students are now taught the art of Evolving Grids. These are complex grids that allow students to steer energy in a given direction in a progressive fashion.