Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

A  S h a m a n ' s    P a t h w a y

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

    It's our belief and philosophy that harmony and balance must exist in the physical, emotional and spiritual planes to facilitate each individuals' spiritual journey. 



Monday              10am - 5pm

Tuesday             10am - 2pm

Wednesday        10am - 7pm

Thursday            10am - 5pm

Friday                 10am - 7pm

Saturday             10am - 7pm

Sunday               10am - 2pm


Custom Mists

                   All Natural - Made with Essential Oils

Our mist are a custom, hand-made blend created with intention and purpose by Rodrigo. Each mist is a unique blend of essential oils infused with Shamanic Energy. The mists draw upon the energies of the plant spirits to support the specific intention for each mist.

Cleansing & Renewal - When it’s time to let go of negative energy, refresh your soul & enjoy the renewal of all things positive

Mystic - Open the door to the mysteries of life. Invite love, joy & good luck into your life.

Sacred Smudge - A cleansing mist that can be used for smudging when it’s not convenient to light sage or have smoke.

Serenity - Find the inner peace that duels in your heart & mind. Allow it to still fear and quiet doubt to achieve serenity.Type your paragraph here.