Inspiration – If You Look, You’ll Find It. Snow & Inspiration (18-12)

 As I was driving, very early Monday morning, I had the opportunity to choose to be inspired or to be miserable. You see, at 4:30am, in the middle of a snow storm, there’s darkness and blinding white from the snow. About 5 miles from home I came to stop, not sure why the cars in front of me, on both sides of the two-lane road, had stopped. As it turned out, there were 3 cars stuck in the snow. They were unable to move in either direction, basically creating a road block. And now I was stuck in the same snow path, with the tires spinning in place. As the panic and anger were about to take over, I saw the snow take flight. The snow moved with grace and purpose across the field and over the road. At that moment I chose to be inspired. 

So, I got my snow brush out and cleaned the snow from a tiny bit of space in front of and behind each tire.  Just enough so I can start moving the car an inch forward and an inch back and build up some traction. After 10 minutes of this back and forth motion I was able to get enough traction to move the car out of snow rut. As I turned the car around to head back home, I marveled at the beauty of the all-white scenery and the graceful movement of the snow as it danced in the wind.  In that moment I was grateful. Not only for the beauty around me, but for the opportunity to notice and appreciate what I could have so easily ignored.  The snow in that moment was truly inspirational.

With Gratitude,