Healing Arts provides Services and Products based on different healing modalities from cultures around the world with the goal of bringing harmony and balance into all aspects of our daily lives.


Our Services include holistic therapies based Shamanic Principles, Engery Work and Integrated Massage.

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Classes & Workshops

Our Classes and Workshops teach and compliment the varied healing modalities used to bring harmony and balance into life.

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Our Products include an extensive collection of holistic, energetic tools from varies traditions.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

At Healing Arts Metaphysical Center, our mission is simple

To assist you in your journey to a life centered in Peace & Harmony

In order to accomplish our mission we commit to:

  • Honor and hold sacred each person's individuality and their connection to Mother Earth.
  • Work in a holistic manner with a multi-tiered approach that addresses each individual on the physical, energic and emotional planes.

As part of our commitment to help each person find balance and harmony we share and teach healing traditions.


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