Healing Arts Metaphysical Center

A  S h a m a n ' s    P a t h w a y

Animal Tarot Series 

Animal Tarot Level 1

This class teaches you how to use animal medicine types as a divination and spiritual tool. Each animal species has their own unique medicine. Students will learn the messages imparted by each of the 52 animals in the Medicine Cards.

Animal Tarot Level 2

Students learned the messages imparted by each of the 52 animals in the basic course. In the intermediate course students will learn techniques that will allow them to develop their own arsenal of spreads and how to use the Animal Tarot Deck for physical health, emotional and spiritual queries.

Animal Tarot Level 3

Armed with the knowledge of Animal Medicine and different reading techniques, students are taught techniques that allow them to work progressions. Progressions are used to peek into the future and see the different alternative paths available to any individual. Progressions are also a basic and fun way to do Prophecies. Students will also be exposed to how to apply Medicine Cards to do health related consultations

Animal Tarot For Relationships

This class focuses on learning how to interpret animal message to provide insights into different aspects of the relationships in your life.  Allowing you to make better choices and better decisions on your life path.